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Show Me Your Sound

The sound-guessing party game for the family!

Authors: Hope S. Hwang, Gary Kim, Yohan Goh

Artist: Olin Jeong

Published: 2021




20-30 minutes


Communication Limits, Cooperative, Game Deduction




In the cooperative party game Show Me Your Sound for 2-8 players, you listen to an online sound, then give a clue to other players as to whether that sound is more or less related to a certain picture, trying to help them remove the right cards from play.

In more detail, one player is the clue giver, while all others are the guessers. Randomly draw nine picture cards from the deck and place them face up. One of these cards is the “trap” picture, and only the clue giver knows which one.

On a turn, the clue giver plays a sound from their mobile phone or from the dedicated website, letting everyone else hear it, then states whether the sound is MORE or LESS related to the trap picture–possibly using a hint tile while doing so. The guessers consult with one another, then flip over a picture card. If the flipped picture was not the trap, the game continues with a new sound for the next turn. Clear all eight pictures and avoid the trap to win!